Don't miss this orchestral arrangement of Pioneer Songs!

Pioneer Songs – Highlights from Robert Bullington on Vimeo.

Pioneer Songs is about the power of community. Ben and Nancy Kelsey, the two principle “characters” in the nearly two-hour classical music epic, could not have accomplished their amazing trek across the continent without the help of their community of fellow pioneers. Indeed, all 15 symphonic songs that co-creator and lyricist Robert Marquis brilliantly envisioned, involves to one degree or another a tremendous community spirit.

The show opens with “Gathering,” – a call to worship entreating all present to join in this amazing adventure. Progressing to “Beckoning,” Ben is torn between staying put in his comfort zone, and traveling to an uncertain future. The community sways his thinking.  Ben meets his future wife, Nancy at a community event in the Illinois prairie, and hence “Proposal” and “Marriage Vows” follow. “Preparation” shows the mad-cap nature of a community of eager travelers packing for a journey that they have no idea what to expect. In “Farewell” we sadly experience the splitting up of family/community members–probably forever. The pioneer community sets off in “Departure,” into the unknown, with total optimism and strength in themselves and their God.

The second half of Pioneer Songs is even more focused on community, as the travelers must confront each and every obstacle along the journey together, with absolute solidarity, if they are to make it to a better life in California. From happy times in “Doins of the Day,” to unease and storms in “The Prairie,” to terrible conditions in “The Desert,” and impossible, jagged peaks in “The Mountains,” the pioneers suffered but kept going….together, as one. In “Petition” they offer a simple, yet ardent prayer to their creator in their most desperate times.

They all made it. This community of pioneers joyfully offers “Celebration” at the conclusion. And everyone celebrates with them. The power of community is present in this monumental production of Pioneer Songs. From beginning to end, with the orchestra, chorus, soloists and narrator leading the way, telling the incredible story, YOU, the community,  experience every step along the incredible journey.