1. Gathering

Posted by in Songs on Jul 30, 2017

The Opening number in Pioneer Songs. Begins a capella with tenor soloist, then other three voice parts entreating the audience to “listen.” Orchestra tutti follows. A rousing call to join the travelers.

“Come join us travellin’, we’re goin’ away. We’re gonna build a new life so far away….”  And later…
“Wind from the west is callin’ you’ll hear it say, look to tomorrow ’cause there ain’t no yesterday!”


Orchestral & Choral Version

Piano & Choral Version*

*Original Cast CD recording from August 1993:
Joy Bechtler, Soprano
Polly Kopituk, Mezzo-Soprano
David Ronis, Tenor
Martin Hargrove, Bass
Eric Houghton, Piano/Composer